HERITAGE STUDY PROGRAMS PRESENTS: An advanced bible study program and a fact finding expedition to Israel, focusing on the status of Jerusalem and the region’s security & defense.

Heritage Study Programs General information & terms of agreement

Heritage Study Programs - Tour organizer

Gate 1 Travel, Inc, - Booking agency

Payment and Cancellation Policy:
Payment for the land portion of the tour are made out to Gate 1 Travel.

A deposit of $500 (non-refundable) with completed registration form will confirm your place on the Heritage Study Programs tour you register for (airline tickets not included and if space is available). Balance is due 60 Days before the departure, if you make your reservation after the final payment due date, payment in full will be required upon reservation.

Should you have to cancel for any reason up to 60 days before the departure and after your deposit or additional payment(s) have been received, all funds will be refunded minus the $500 non-refundable deposit. Cancellations less than 60 days prior to departure 50% of the land payments are refundable; Cancellations less than 30 days prior to departure all payments are non-refundable (Just one more reason why travel insurance is recommended). Airfare is non-refundable once paid for and ticketed.


If for any reason, Heritage Study Programs cancels this tour, you will receive a full refund of all payments made.

All cancellations must be in writing to Heritage Study Programs, or Gate 1 Travel. All cancellations must be acknowledged by Heritage Study Programs, or Gate 1 Travel. If you did not get cancellation confirmation,that means your trip is NOT canceled.

Airline Reservations and Travel:

International airfare, taxes, airport fees, etc., are not included in the cost of the trip. However, group airfare can be arranged through Gate 1 Travel. If you make your own personal travel reservations, please make your arrival no later than the morning of which the tour itinerary begins.


A valid passport is required. The expiration date of your passport must be valid for at least an additional 6 months after your date of departure from overseas.

Since international and domestic air schedules are subject to change at any time, we recommend that if you make your own airline reservations and you do not purchase non-refundable tickets or those with high penalties for changes. Neither Heritage Study Programs, Gate 1 Travel, the tour hosts and leaders and/or their agents shall have no liability for any loss resulting from cancellation or changes in international gateways, travel dates or airline schedules arranged by the individual.

Health and Medical Issues:

We welcome all travelers on our tours and programs.
However, we request that you be in good health as our journey will involve a reasonable amount of walking, sometimes uphill or on uneven surfaces and climbing of steps. You must be able to get on and off motor coaches and water vehicles on your own. Should one not be able to participate in all or any elements of the journey, neither Heritage Study Programs, Gate 1 Travel, the tour hosts and leaders and/or their agents or suppliers accept responsibility for any unused portion of the trip. Also, as recommend below, Trip Insurance, for numerous reasons, is strongly recommended.

Liability Waiver and Acceptance of Risk:

Neither Heritage Study Programs, Gate 1 Travel, the tour hosts and leaders and/or their agents are will be held responsible for any act, error, or omission, or any injury, loss, accident, delay or irregularity which may be occasioned by reason of any defect in a vehicle or through the neglect or default of any company or person engaged in carrying out the purpose for which tickets or coupons are issued. The published trip itinerary is the intended plan of tour implementation. In the event, that it becomes necessary or advisable for the comfort or well being of the passengers, or for any reason whatsoever, to alter the itinerary or arrangements, such alterations may be made, neither Heritage Study Programs, Gate 1 Travel, the tour hosts and leaders and/or their agents shall be held responsible. If the itinerary or arrangements are altered, any additional expenses shall be borne by the passengers. Should that occur, a refund will be made to the passengers if any saving is realized by that modification. Contracts or arrangements personally entered into by the participant and an international airline are solely between them and the airlines and neither Heritage Study Programs, Gate 1 Travel, the tour hosts and leaders and/or their agents incurs any responsibility for any travel arrangement made by the participant. Heritage Study Programs reserve the right to cancel any or all tours should conditions warrant.

Neither Heritage Study Programs, Gate 1 Travel, the tour hosts and leaders and/or their agents assume no responsibility for lost tickets or coupons and are not responsible for any loss or damage to the applicant because of any act of terrorism or other acts of God, or any action taken by any third party such as an airline/ rail operators etc. because of concerns regarding potential terrorism.

Trip Insurance:

To ensure your travel investment, and to protect you in case of any accident, medical emergency, travel delay or interruption, we strongly recommend that you obtain a travel insurance prior to departure. It is affordable and will reimburse you should any event keep you from traveling for unavoidable/unexpected circumstances interfere with your journey. Insurance is available from Gate 1 Travel at the time of reservations on line and/or by phone. Specific coverage and additional information is available upon request. You may want to check with other sources and available options. As noted above, Heritage Study Programs strongly recommend trip cancellation insurance to cover any unforeseen difficulties that might arise, either of a personal or global manner that might impact your travel plans. Also, if you choose to purchase travel insurance, please be aware that you may be required to purchase your travel insurance within a certain number of days of your deposit to be covered for pre-existing conditions.